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Mar 24, 2013 7:00am PDT
in santa rosa. napa also reporting fog this morning. 40-degrees in walnut creek. temperatures up by a few degrees. around the bay area starting off similar to how we woke up yesterday morning. 41 palo alto. 45 outside your door in belmont. and again that little bit of patchy fog there. the on shore breeze will make its way back later this afternoon into the early evening hours. for the time being we continue with this northerly flow. you can see a close up view of the satellite and radar. the high clouds that continue to sweep across the area. this will be the case for today. the ridge of high pressure still in control of our weather pattern. it will shift right over the west coast and we'll remain here for today. as i back this up a little bit farther this system here will be what will plow into the ridge. this system will ride over it. it's not going to bring us any rain but it will cool us down. it will strengthen our on shore breeze. and tuesday night into wednesday perhaps a little bit of rain. so today 70-degrees expected for santa rosa. 67 for berkeley. low 60s in san francisco. up
Mar 23, 2013 7:00am PDT
a little cooler than where we were yesterday, he is special in the north bay. 37 in santa rosa. anywhere from three to six degrees below where we started yesterday morning at this hour. 37 in walnut creek. fairfield, about 40 degrees at this hour. winds are generally light and i don't expect they will be as breezy as yesterday. 4 h 4 in belmont, 38 menlo park for your start to the morning. so if you are getting out to the farmers market, mostly clear, and we do after cool start, but we'll begin to see that turn around. the ridge of high pressure strengthening so that's going to help relax the winds. we have a warmer air mass moving into place, and you can see with this ridge we start to see that arch, and the storm track will remain to the north. it is going to make its way back but not in time for the weekend. for today pleasant weather, the a cool start, an afternoon breezy but not as breezy as we saw yesterday. i do expect it to be a little brisk for the second half of attach but anywhere from 10 to 15 miles per hour so not too bad. typical for the season. giving awe look at the numbe
Mar 18, 2013 7:00am PDT
s, in santa rosa and napa. the low will weaken. that's the key. a lot of moisture. it just doesn't have a lot of oomph with it. we'll get something out of it. sunny mott morning, clouds -- in the morning, clouds in the afternoon. mild afternoon inland. 60s and 70s. cooler buyer the coast because of a westerly breeze an some patchy low clouds, but some low to mid-70s. gilroy is in there as well. 66, menlo park, palo alto, 67. but cooler by the beaches because of the west wind. we'll take it into wednesday. kick it out of here. then everything looks mostly sunny and warmer as we head to the weekend. thank you, steve. >>> 7:09. later today, we could find out if smoke from a grass fire near antioch contains hazardous materials. people in antioch and brentwood were concerned about the smoke. it started at 2:30 yesterday afternoon in a marshland in sacramento county. it was out by 7:00 last night. firefighters let it burn itself out because no homes were in danger. plus it was hard to get to. at first, air quality district officials say the fire was a prescribed burn. but later changed
Mar 25, 2013 7:00am PDT
, d.c. to the bay area. >>> two sacramento men are facing charges in santa rosa on suspicion of forcing two men into prostitution. police say 23-year-old when harris brought the -- glen harris brought the women to san francisco and that 25-year-old jerome martin helped him. police started to investigate the man after responding to a domestic violence call. they organized a sting operation at a local hotel using information one of the women posted on the internet. >>> jerry sandusky, now a convicted sex offender, has given his first interview since going to prison. in a phone interview with the maker of a documentary called "framing paterno," sandusky says he doesn't believe that joe paterno thought he was a pedophile. he also says key testimony from michael mcqueary changed a lot. sandusky is serving of at least 30 years after being convicted of counts of child sexual abuse. >>> tomorrow, the san jose city council is expected to formally approval a $7 million incentive package for samsung semiconductor. the deal was outlined in an august signing ceremony in city hall with gov
Mar 19, 2013 7:00am PDT
car crash over the weekend. students at rincon valley middle school in santa rosa will return from spring break next week and grieve together over the classmate, marcus johnson. patrick eagle, basketball coach and teacher, described marcus as a -- as a model student and teacher. >> i was completely shocked. i didn't think that was possible, not marcus. >>> on saturday, johnson was in the pit area watching his cousin race at marysville park when the car went off the track and hit him and another spectator, killing them both. a memorial for the 8th grader sits outside the johnson family's muffler shop. investigators are looking into whether a detachable steering wheel in the car malfunctioned. >>> the chp has recognized officer tyler carlton as its trooper of the year. the agency says chp officer carlton exhibited tremendous heroism trying to save his partner shot in september along interstate 680 in alamo. the chp says carlson's actions ensured no one else was hurt. his efforts to perform cpr also ensured that he his organs could be donated, in accordance with his wishes. >>> david
Mar 20, 2013 7:00am PDT
stall near caesar chaves. steve. >>> we have cloudy skies. santa rosa, napa airport, both are reporting light rain. we could sure use a lot more. this system looks like decreasing throughout the day. any precip. i think the heaviest was last night. santa rosa was doing really well in the rain, 24.5. now 79% of normal. san jose, 70% of normal. i want to make a correction here. i -- i originally -- about a half-hour ago, i said one of the driest marches ever in san francisco, it's the 20th driest march. it is january, february, march, the driest three-month stretch in san francisco so far. only 1.66 inches of rain has fallen. we need another 1.50 plus to go into second place. i doubt that happens. so again we're in record- setting territory for lack of rain. i just saw -- came across on twitter from the national weather service in mobile, alabama, last year they were running about 48 degrees above average, this year to 28 below. what a -- 2 to 8 below. what a difference. this is a very mild system coming up from the southwest. there could still be a little bit more rain. you will start to
Mar 21, 2013 7:00am PDT
. and santa rosa's in there. and low cloud deck keeping temperatures in the mid 40s. concord, walnut creek. 41. 39 r eno. cold windy. pretty chilly and that breeze will make it down to southern california. sunny side up for the next 3 to 5 days. sunny and breezy. patchy low clouds getting chewed up. westerly to northwesterly breeze. 66. alameda 62. 65 san jose. and san board of arbitration r bruno, 65. but pacifica at 58. sunny and warmer. most of the sunday does look cooler next week. >> it is 7:11. a man claims a sink hole drained a pond on his property. mark says he went to bed sunday night with a pond still in his backyard and this is what he woke up to next morning. all that's left behind is mud. one professor says there is a lot of mining in the area and an under ground cavity might be to blame. >> the city of san francisco has come up with a way to deal with chronic public drunkenness. repeat offenders would get arrested and thrown into county jail. then given a choice of trial or go to rehab. san diego launched the program. categorizes repeat offenders as those who get five drunk cit
Mar 22, 2013 7:00am PDT
are in a possibly closure list. concord, livermore and isn't rosa and napa. the airports would still operate, just without air traffic controllers. instead, pilots would go back to their previous system of communicating with each other over their radios. >> time now is 8:35. if you plan to drive across the golden gate bridge, you better have fast track, the toll area will go through major changes next week. ktvu's brian flores is at the bay bridge toll plaza to explain everything that's going to happen out there. >> reporter: today is the last friday where you can actually stop and pay your toll to a human toll taker. there's going to be major changes coming up on wednesday. if you have not done so yet, as you mentioned, commuting across the golden gate bridge, it may be a good idea to get fast track to avoid hassles. now, wednesday, they will leave the booths forever. it will transfer to automatic tolling. now, workers on the golden gate bridge are working to change the signage indicating those changes. this will take place over the days, as we mentioned. the speed limit is expected to increase f
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8